Double Tier Trophies


Our trophies are of the highest quality design. Our standard, Championship, and Championship w/cup awards have so many complexities available we can’t possible, oh we tried, to show them here. If you have an idea of what you want something to look like feel free to give us a call.
That’s why we’re here. Please read description below.
“Use your imagination”


Our trophies are of the highest quality design. You will notice that our designs include solid real marble bases. In most cases our competition builds their trophies with plastic or pressed wood bases, made to look like real marble. These trophies are available in many designs. All our trophies are custom built exactly as you order them. If you would like, you have the option to modify any aspect of your order. Not only can you change the heights and column colors but you can also pick decorations and engraving options.  These trophies are priced with a laser engraved plate included with as much information as you would like. We do NOT charge by the letter, you can have as much text and artwork as you would like.  Includes laser engraved plates are available is four color options. flexible sheets of plastic coated with brass are engraved with the precision of a laser, allowing for extremely clear text in any size font along with sharp one color art work, logos, and graphics.  If you don’t see the options you would like contact us and we’ll see what we can do. 


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